Innovation Driven, Facility Focused

We believe that the future of facilities management lies in the innovative use of technology.

Our dedication to this vision has placed us at the forefront of the industry, where we transform traditional management methods into evolving, digital-first solutions.By having a culture of continuous improvement and adopting the latest advancements, Berkeley is not just keeping pace with the digital age, we are defining it.

Smart Solutions For Enhanced Facility Operations

Computer-aided Facilities Management (CaFM)

Our expertise in Facilio’s Computer-aided Facilities Management (CaFM) software, incorporating IoT and smart building technologies, offers real-time monitoring, performance optimization and predictive maintenance.
Asset and Maintenance Management

Offers a suite of capabilities that go beyond traditional records, providing interoperable, real-time operational control.

Energy Management

Features tools that enhance energy efficiency with visibility into usage, automated restock requests and utility billing processes.

Building Management System Integration

Uninterrupted integration with BMS to control and monitor operations such as HVAC, lighting, and security systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Odoo stands at the core of our operations as the ERP solution for our facilities management company.
Comprehensive Integration

Serves as a platform integrating accounting, HR, project management, procurement, and customer transactions.

Modular Flexibility

Allows customization of the system to meet specific needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability as business needs evolve.

Enhanced Productivity

Streamlines workflows and enhances collaboration to provide actionable insights across the organization.

Facilio as CaFM tool

Facilio focuses on simplicity and ease of use, aiming to provide a chat-based task management solution for FM companies.
User-friendly Interface

A chat-based application designed with features like calendar PPM scheduling and QR code scanning for asset details.

Task Management

Supports creating and managing work orders, defect reporting, and provides real-time monitoring of maintenance progress.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Offers various reports and comprehensive dashboards for easy analysis and tracking of tasks and defects.

Smart Procurement/Subcontracting

Berkeley strategically employs smart procurement and subcontracting to integrate top-tier technological solutions and expertise from industry leaders.
Leading Technology Partnerships

Engaging with industry leaders, such as Honeywell, to access specialized BMS technologies like wireless sensors & asset reliability software.

Optimizing CapEx and Operational Efficiency

End-to-End predictive maintenance to improve CapEx decisions, reduce operational costs and optimise energy use across building portfolios.

Risk Management & Sustainability Practices

We implement cybersecurity measures and manage risks associated with energy consumption and sustainability mandates.

Berkeley Eco System for Smart Services

Through a comprehensive suite of smart building-related solutions, the Klüh Eco System for Smart Services is a 360-degree platform. It offers both individual and general solutions to support building operators and service providers in implementing their processes, thus managing floor space, services, workplaces and sustainability.
All touchpoints in one place

Our platform unifies customer service, IoT, and digital solutions to streamline processes, enhance communication, and deliver real-time FM services.

Market-leading technology partner

We collaborate with leading industry partners to utilize proprietary digital products, from sensor manufacturers to app developers, delivering superior solutions to our clients.

Comprehensive solutions

Klüh International combines advanced technologies, digital products, and decades of experience into the Klüh Eco System for Smart Services, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Digisolutions Powered by Klüh

The advancement to innovation is evident in our suite of proprietary digital solutions (all in-house developed tools by Klüh International, each tailored to enhance our IFM services:


Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE)

With a mission to merge technology and operations, our Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE) is the driving force behind our digital initiatives, serving as a hub of innovation, collaboration, and expertise at Klüh Multiservices. By integrating the latest in AI, IoT, and smart analytics, we ensure our services are current, predictive and responsive to the needs of the spaces we manage.
Research and Development

Activities are triggered by sensors and
applications and then executed and documented via digitally controlled processes.

Customized Digital Solutions

Implements tailored digital solutions that streamline operations and enhance communication.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborations with leading technology providers and industry experts to stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

Klüh IoT Framework
Klüh's IoT framework serves as a digital backbone for efficient, technologically advanced, and sustainable building management.
Integrated Sensor Technology
Versatile Digital Applications
Automated Action Triggers
Strengthened Facility Monitoring

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