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With Berkeley, experience landscaping that goes beyond aesthetics to include innovative sustainability practices.

We specialize in transforming environments through hard and soft landscaping services to ensure each project meets and exceeds our clients' visions and sustainability standards.

Expert Design and Execution

From initial concept to final installation, our skilled team ensures a customized landscaping experience.

Advanced Horticultural Practices

We utilize state-of-the-art horticultural techniques to ensure plant health and aesthetic appeal.

Water-Efficient Solutions

Our designs include a variety of water-saving irrigation solutions, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

Building Functional Landscapes from the Soil Up

Landscape Design
Landscape Contracting
Indoor Plants
Automatic Irrigation
Water Features
Garden Lighting
Maintenance Contracting
Hard Landscaping
Soft Landscaping

Creating Green Spaces For A Sustainable Tomorrow

Elevated Property Value

Our landscaping transforms residential areas into stunning visual showcases to enhance curb appeal, homeowner satisfaction and increase market value.

Professional Environment

Commercial spaces benefit from our landscaping by providing a welcoming atmosphere that enhances corporate image and attracts business prospects.

Improved Safety & Efficiency

In industrial settings, our landscaping contributes to clearer pathways and better-organized spaces to boost operational efficiency.

Therapeutic Spaces

For hospitals, our thoughtful landscaping designs provide peaceful, green spaces that aid in patient recovery and staff well-being.

Sustainability & Eco-Friendliness

Across all sectors, our focus on sustainable practices in landscaping helps reduce environmental impact while maintaining functional outdoor spaces.

Pushing Boundaries in Landscape Management

Berkeley’s integrated CaFM platform leverages IoT technology to automate various landscaping tasks. This ensures attention to detail and consistency across large-scale projects.

  • Real-Time Environmental Data Integration
  • IoT-Enabled Asset Management
  • Automated Work Order Management
  • Usage Pattern Analysis
  • Scheduled Maintenance Alerts

Also, our platform enhances the management of landscape assets and resources. Its intuitive dashboards & analytics tools provide visibility into every aspect of the landscaping process, from water usage to the health of vegetation.

With continuous advancement in innovation within IFM, our Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE) works tirelessly to research, develop, and implement digital solutions that optimize processes, enhance communication, and ensure sustainable operations across all service divisions of Berkeley. These tools are in-house developed by Klüh Multiservices, incorporating technologies like IoT and AI.

Don't just take our word for it. Here what our clients have to say about us

"Thank you for your excellent work over the last three years and we all look forward to working with you, Munish and team over the year ahead. 

Lets’ keep DXB and DWC beautiful and green…!

Many thanks from us and for the whole team."

Mark Siddorn
Senior Manager - Waste Management & Environment
Dubai Airports

"We would like to acknowledge the good work that is put in by Nasiruddin the landscaping staff of your team who is handling the plants at our Head Office in the Garhoud Atrium building.  He is doing a good job and is often being appreciated by the staff for his calm and polite nature."

Effie Campos
Al Tayer Real Estate Company

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Can Berkeley handle large-scale landscaping projects?

How often does Berkeley perform maintenance on installed landscapes?

Does Berkeley provide special services like water features or lighting in landscaping?

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Our team is ready to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes for your business. Contact us to discuss your landscaping needs and explore our services.

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