Towards a Sustainable Future with ESG

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Our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is at the core of our operations. Our ESG initiatives are designed to meet international standards and local needs, highlighting our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

By concentrating our efforts within the United Arab Emirates, we provide a detailed showcase of our strategies, thereby demonstrating our leadership in sustainability practices. Our comprehensive ESG approach outlines how we integrate sustainable practices across our service operations.

Our Approach

Berkeley's approach to ESG integrates deep strategic insights with actionable solutions. We enable organizations to accelerate towards sustainability goals with optimized, data-supported strategies.
Strategic Commitment

Aligning operations with global ESG standards to surpass compliance and embed sustainability.

Sustainability Practices

Adopting energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable procurement to minimize our environmental impact.

Empowering Workforce

Fostering ESG principles through targeted training, enabling our team to champion sustainability efforts.

Innovative solutions

Utilizing advanced technologies to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable future.

Community Engagement

Building trust through transparency and collaboration within communities in association with Emirates Environmental Group.

Advanced Decarbonization

Implement the latest solutions to significantly reduce carbon footprints across all business units, enhancing sustainability efforts at scale.

Strategic Steps to Meet ESG Goals

We believe in the proactive and strategic implementation of our ESG commitments. Our roadmap for the next few years is designed to set new benchmarks in sustainability and governance.
Year of Transformation
• Achieving Ecovadis certification and initiating quarterly ESG audits
• Conducting training and awareness sessions, establishing a green procurement policy, and engaging in community campaigns
Excellence in Reporting
• Publishing an annual ESG report, tracking proactive measures for GHG emissions reduction, and enhancing supplier accountability with an ESG star rating system.
• Implementing green energy projects, Biodiesel in transportation and diversity workshops to support sustainable and inclusive growth.
Sustainable Growth
• Directly integrating actions with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to focus on key areas such as education, gender diversity, and environmental conservation.
• Hosting ESG panel discussions with EEG and providing ESG solutions packages to customers
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Through focused actions & targets each year, we align our operations with global objectives so that our journey towards sustainability is both progressive and impactful.


Greenhouse gases mitigated

K Kgs

of green waste recycled


Awareness sessions conducted

K+ Kgs

Carbon emissions avoided

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