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Berkeley's Support Services offers a comprehensive range of personnel solutions so that you can focus on your core business functions

With our 24/7 helpdesk and flexible contract staffing options, our team provides professional, quality support across various roles, ensuring professionalism at the heart of everything we do.

Tailored Personnel Solutions

A dedicated 24/7 team ready to enhance your operations with precise alignment to your goals.

Professional Excellence

Every staff member is provided job-specific training to meet your high standards from day one.

Operational Flexibility

From receptionists to valet parking staff, our team makes your day-to-day business more efficient.

Berkeley offers a wide range of support services tailored to various operational needs:

Reception Service
Office Assistant Service
Steward Service
Concierge Service
Chauffeurs Service
Catering Crew Service
Porterage Service
Valet Parking Service
Lifeguard Service

Transforming Everyday Tasks into Memorable Experiences

Enhanced operational efficiency

Our team makes every healthcare check-in, flight departure, property showing, class session, event launch, and manufacturing shift run smoothly, fueling productivity and positivity.

A professional and polished corporate image

Across every industry, we strive to create environments that shine with professionalism, making your space leave a lasting impression on everyone who walks through your doors.

Reduced management overhead for staffing and training

We take the weight off your shoulders by handling staffing and training. This allows you to concentrate on delivering exceptional care, education, and service without the added stress.

Flexibility to scale staffing levels according to business needs

As your needs change, from the fluctuating pace of events to the evolving real estate, our flexible support ensures you're always ready to welcome the next opportunity with open arms.

Assurance of quality and reliability

Across all industries, our reliable & professional services provide a foundation for your business to thrive, consistently attracting and retaining the best in the field.

Innovating Efficiency Through Technology

Our proven expertise in CaFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) streamlines and optimizes all service management workflows. The platform's low-code stateflow builder allows for customizing processes to specific needs and automating tasks like approvals, escalations, and inspections.

  • Centralized 24/7 helpdesk for service requests
  • Client/tenant/occupant experience portal
  • Roster management, scheduling & much more.

With continuous advancement in innovation within IFM, our Center of Digital Excellence (CoDE) works tirelessly to research, develop, and implement digital solutions that optimize processes, enhance communication, and ensure sustainable operations across all divisions of Berkeley. These tools are in-house developed by Klüh Multiservices, incorporating technologies like IoT and AI.

Let us answer some of the most common questions you might have upfront

Can Berkeley’s support services be customized for small businesses or startups?

How does Berkeley ensure the quality of its support staff?

What measures have been taken for immediate support needs outside normal business hours?

Are there any industries in which Berkeley specializes in providing support services?

How does Berkeley incorporate sustainability into its support services?

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