A Story of Growth and
Customer Satisfaction

Since its inception in 1984 in Dubai, Berkeley Services Group has established a prominent position in the facilities management industry through four decades of relentless dedication.

In 2007, Berkeley Services Group became an integral part of Klüh International, a global FM powerhouse with a legacy of 113 years led by Josef Klüh, in the Middle East market.

Celebrating Klüh: A Global Force in Facility Management

Since its founding in 1911, Klüh International has set benchmarks in facility services globally, growing from a modest German startup to a leader across continents. Guided and owned by the German entrepreneur Josef Klüh, the company is a leading provider of facility services with major activities in health care, trade and industry and airports.

Our corporate philosophy is based on a passion for providing the customer with a service. With competence, quality, and responsibility of more than 100 years of experience. Made from people for people.

~ Josef Klüh

Mr Klüh’s philosophy is centered on relentless service improvement, innovation, and responsible practices that respect both people and the environment.

With operations spanning Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, UAE, India, and China, the organization's collective revenue of around 1 billion Euros shows its significant impact on the industry.


Josef Klüh
Sole owner and Chairman
of the advisory board

Over 4 Decades of Industry Leadership


ISO Certified Standards


Client-Centric Approach


Rooted in Sustainability & Innovation

Mapping the Evolution

Our growth trajectory is marked by a strong determination to provide complete FM solutions, characterized by flexibility and client satisfaction.

Berkeley Across the Emirates

Berkeley Services has established a notable footprint across the United Arab Emirates, with our headquarters centrally located in Dubai and a key branch in Abu Dhabi. Our services span across all seven emirates, making us a trusted provider in the region. This widespread coverage ensures that we deliver consistent, high-quality service to a long list of clientele, ranging from retail outlets to residential towers and commercial properties.
Comprehensive Coverage
Diverse industry services
Established UAE Market Presence
Expansion Beyond the Borders
Berkeley Services UAE leverages the international expertise of our German parent company, Klüh International, to enhance our global operations. We have a significant presence in strategic locations across Europe and Asia.  Each location is chosen for its strategic importance to our global operations, allowing us to deliver integrated facility services that meet the high standards expected by our international clientele.

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