Member of KLUH Group International (Germany)



As part of a complete solutions provider package, over the years, Berkeley has been able to provide its clients with wide range of support functions to complement its core services.

Our long and short-term contract staffing options ensure that you can focus on your core business functions while we provide you the people needed to do so.

From receptionists to office assistants to valet parking staff, our support team are on hand with a professional, quality service.

All our support services team receive customer service and job specific training before being deployed and come to you ready to offer efficiency delivered in a prompt professional manner.

Short or long term, Berkeley's Support Service personnel are there to make life easier for you.

Our List of Personnel includes

  • Reception Service
  • Office Assistant Service
  • Steward Service
  • Concierge Service
  • Chauffeurs Service
  • Catering Crew Service
  • Porterage Service
  • Valet Parking Service
  • Lifeguard Service